Thessaloniki Vintage Timeline Tour

An old-time stylish way to explore the city..

This program applies to F.I.T.s

Thessaloniki is a fascinating cosmopolitan city. It is the second largest city in Greece and the capital of Central Macedonia region. The city was founded in 315 BC by King Cassander. He was the husband of Alexander the Great's half-sister and named the city after her.

Regional capital of the Roman Empire, second city on line in Byzantine era, major port of the Ottoman Empire and multicultural hub during the 20th century, Thessaloniki’s history spans some 2.300 years.

The cultural mainstreams, the architectural styles, the artistic trends of Thessaloniki, became very soon fashionable throughout Greece and Soutnern Europe.

Doucas Tours and Travel as a living part of the city’s history for the past 130 years, organizes unforgetable private tours that include staying in historical hotels, dinning at vintage restaurants, visiting stylish buildings.

The package includes:

4 days (3 overnights in Thessaloniki)