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1. Daily excursion to Halkidiki – A cruise to the Byzantine past..
Departure to Ouranoupolis village, the natural order to Mount Athos’s monastic community. Cruise around Mount Athos peninsula viewing the 1000 year old monasteries. The magnificent architecture of the old monasteries, enlisted Athos in UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments. This cruise is the only opportunity for women to get this close to Athos, since they are not allowed to enter the monasteries.

2. Daily excursion to Pieria, Mount Olympus – The residence of the 12 Gods..
Departure from Thessaloniki to Pieria, residence of the 12 Olympian Gods according to the Greek mythology. Tour guiding at the Archaeological site of Dion. Here, the ancient Macedonians sacrificed to their Gods before the battle. Dion has been the sacred city of the Macedonians therefore the Archaeological Museum exhibits a lot of valuable artifacts. The ancient Theatre of Dion is also remarkable since it hosts festivals and shows until today!

3. Daily excursion to Pella & Imathia – Alexander the Great tour..
Departure from Halkidiki to Pella and Imathia, two regions rich in history. Tour guiding at the archaeological site of Pella, first capital of the Macedonians and birthland of Alexander the Great and Vergina, the necropolis of the Macedonian Kings. The Vergina Museum is considered one of the best in the world and was built around the ancient Tombs of King Phillip II and his family. The treasures, the jewelries, even the King’s armory are exhibited in the Museum.

4. Daily excursion to Halkidiki Petralona Cave and a Winery - Prehistoric findings and ancient flavors..
We will visit the Petralona cave, which its famous stalactites and stalagmites where the “Archanthropos of Petralona” was living 1 million years ago. After Petralona, we will visit “Gerovasiliou winery” and taste some of the most famous wines in Northern Greece. The cellars, the wine museum and the impressive collection of corkscrews, which counts more than 2600 exhibits, rendering Vangelis Gerovassiliou one of the greatest collectors of corkscrews in the world and a Guinness Record holder.

5. Thessaloniki City Tour - A hip city of 3000 years old culture..
We will discover Thessaloniki, the beautiful metropolis of the Greek North. We will visit the “White Tower” – the city’s symbol, the castle walls and the Acropolis. We will visit the Cathedral of St Demetrius who has been declared Thessaloniki’s protector and its underground ancient Crypt. We will walk among the Roman ruins, the Byzantine churches, the Ottoman monuments, the neoclassical buildings and the modern shopping area.

6. Daily Excursion to Meteora - A monument "suspended in the air"..
The Meteora is one of the largest and most important complexes of Greek Orthodox monasteries in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. The six monasteries are built on natural sandstone rock pillars, at the northwestern edge of the Plain of Thessaly near the Pineios river and Pindus Mountains, in central Greece. The nearest town is Kalambaka. The Meteora is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The package includes:

- Coach transfers
- Licensed tour guide